Monday, 27 February 2012

A Load of Droppings


It is frowned upon for an average person to walk into disabled toilets, but at Milgi they encourage it. In fact they have created a mini cinema in their disabled toilet with foldaway seats; popcorn is even available.
The cinema shows a collection of short films, all created by different artists. Harald Hund and Paul Horn’s film stood out the most, it was called Dropping Furniture. It was about 3 minutes long and featured different household items falling from the ceiling and crashing into a room in slow motion. To watch this film, in a strange way is very satisfying like being addicted to a drug and having your first fix after a few days, you are compelled to watch as furniture breaks into a million pieces and debris scatters across the room. For a moment I was crushingly disappointed to see a chair survive the fall, but then my confidence was restored as the following table, complete with wine, plates, knives and forks falls up-side-down. I was so involved in the film I actually shouted “NO!”outloud as a fish tank exploded onto the ground, spilling water everywhere. The only word I can think of to describe the sound of the film was epic, as well and the visuals being amazing, the sound was stunning, like the sound of an aeroplane sawing across the sky, a sound that just makes heads turn, you sit up and watch. 

I would say if you don’t live in Cardiff near Milgi there is no point you popping in just to watch the 3 minute film. But if you fancy a nice relaxing drink in Milgi, pop into the mini cinema in the loo and watch the film as you wee, though I’d advise against the popcorn.



Photo's taken by me of Milgi cinema and screen.  

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