Thursday, 14 April 2011

How to make patch work

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Yes, I've made my mind up I'm going to make patch work garments as well as print. Because I just made a few samples for my sketch book and I enjoyed it so much. It took me 4 hours because they were so small and fiddly but I felt like 40 minutes because I had so much fun.

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 First you've got to cut out any shape you want to any size you want the patch work to be out of scrap paper. Take your shape and trace around the it, add a cm all the way round to create a seam allowance, this will be the pattern you use to cut the fabric with.

you will need to cut much more of the smaller pieces because they need to be stuck in side the fabric until your ready to take them out.

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Place the small bit of paper on top of the fabric and fold the 1cm seam allowance over the paper and stitch in place. don't worry about how neat it is because this stitching will be taken out. 

each triangle was 4cms along the longest side, so they were very small. obviously the bigger the shapes the easier it is. 

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once you have the little shapes are done, its very easy to just stitch the pieces together in what ever pattern you want. insure you use very small stitches to make it neat as possible. the edges of mine look very messy but that will go once I've stitched more triangles around it. Once your shape is completely surrounded by other shapes, that's when you unpick the ruff stitch and take out the little papers.  

I was thinking about making my own patch work quilt over the summer so maybe this will be great patch work for me. Patch work is very easy, but how creative and wild you are with it the better it will look. Just look at Lu Flux as inspiration.


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