Friday, 11 September 2015


This is the scond painting I have complited. I'm not so pleased with this one, I fee like it coud have looked better without the paw but I created it for my sister who is a dog lover. The painting sybolises friendship and love for all creaters. 

I added gold dots on top of the painted background to add to my signature artist style, I think this really adds to my painting. before it was a little to plain. Not only is the background inspired by my patchwork but I also had the idea from an art peice my sister wanted to buy from a shop. I told her I could do better. Thankfully she thinks I achieved that. 

I really love the detail in this painting. Hands are particually hard to draw, that is why I insist on getting them right every time. No one can tell me what I can and cant draw! I will draw it! And it will look good!! 

or you'll never see it. 

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