Friday, 11 September 2015

painting inspired by patchwork.

I love this painting. I've developed a new style, blurring the lines of illustration and my new love, painting in geometric shapes. I'm still sticking to my dot work, realism illustrations of body parts but I thought it was time to move on from going no where with my drawings. 

The background is inspired by my patchwork, did you notice? 

I've never been a very strong painter. I've always given up before even trying new styles. As for now, I have found a style I love to work with. Its so simple but the amount of colour I use is really effective. 

I enjoyed creating this canvas, it had a religious inspiration behind it. Its inspired by the Virgin Mary, with my use of gold and the stain glass window effect I tried to do in the background. I'm really pleased with the out come. 

It is now sitting on my living room wall. 

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