Thursday, 12 January 2012

Chair Museum.

This is the final out come of my chair museum, I've been collecting peoples drawings of chairs for the last few months, as you may have noticed I've been blogging about every one who has contributed. Just a huge thank you to every one who did, especially to Charlie who helped the most, setting the chairs up and drawing endless chairs for me. 

The mountain of chairs was inspired by Carwyn Evans' "Unlliw. I really loved the chaos that is Unlliw, the piles of 6,500 cardboard bird boxes represent he anger towards building 6,500 new houses in Carwyn's quite home town in Ceredigion in Wales. 

Museums are normally really neat and perfectly measured and white, I really wanted to just do a huge mess of a museum, throwing every thing every where. But thinking about it, Just having a huge mess wasn't enough. So thinking back to Carwyn's work I thought I should pick one object. 

Thinking about the houses and them all being the same I thought, "yeah the house's are the same but what about the people inside them, people come in all different shapes and sizes." So I had to find something that changed in style but the same object. Then it came to me, chairs! Chairs are interesting, come in all different shapes and sizes. Plus nice chairs remind me of my Granddad, he is a carpenter who fixes antiques. When I used to stay over his as a child I used to go in there and see all the broken chairs being glued back together and the smell was always amazing. In fact I once tried building a bird box in his workshop at the bottom on his garden once. 

I really love the out come of this project, it's huge and unstable, it's meant to make you feel uncomfortable. In fact I have placed some art pieces oddly to annoy some people as it would annoy me too. It took me a long time to find all of these chairs as they were locked aways or scattered all over the university. I had a lot of fun with it though and really love the outcome. 

The photo may be changed later, I just like the uneven layering of the photos, it goes well with the museum. 

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