Thursday, 17 February 2011

I lived off these in Japan!


When I was in Japan it was very hard to find good healthy food because we couldn't speak the languages so couldn't go to restaurants (and we tried, very confusing and I orders something horrible). So we lived of snack foods from corner shops and I am not complaining.

We had such amazing things, sandwiches with cream and banana for the filling, spicy potato sandwiches and pizza flavored crisps, pocky, gluten balls and some really amazing sweets. If I lived there for ever I would have to learn Japanese for get very fat. =D




Yes this is the sort of every day thing you found in Japan spotty sandwiches.




We went to a Japanese garden and they sold these really odd cake and green tea. The cakes had a very odd texture, like a very dry biscuit you have been chewing for a very long time but not as horrible as that seems. ha



In every train station there was these amazing vending machines with amazing milkshakes and warm coffee in a can!!!



Japan has an obsession with E number and flavorings these drinks with the fun faces on was the perfect example of how much chemicals they liked to use. I even had very cheesy pizza flavored crisps.


We went to an English restaurant, just to get some normal food having eaten junk all week. The place was amazing filled with football on the wall and fish and chips in news paper.


You wasn't aloud to drink alcohol until you were 21 in Japan (at the time I was 18) but you could very easily buy whiskey and this Iichiko drink from vending machines in the hotel.


These were pastries filled with anything you want. amazing!!

Japan is such an amazing place, Beautiful, every one is so kind and considerate to every one around them. I miss Japan soooo much, I miss Flo and Amy too.

I will live there one day!!


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