Thursday, 31 March 2016

Teaching myself to code.

I've been wanting to learn to code for a while, There are thousands of websites to help you out there. I will be starting an MA in September and they will be teaching me how to then, but I am a very impatient learner. I want to know everything now! I know a lot of tutors and mentors have found it hard to for me to slow down and listen, if I'm uninterested or find the lessons to slow I will go down my own path and to find out everything I can as soon as I can. As I get older I am starting to understand that patience is a virtue and I will slow down if I have to. I do however think coding is hugely important and being out side of education for another year, as I have been I figured whats the harm in catching up a little more the very basics.

I know a little coding already, thanks to such websites as Blogger, Tumblr and of course at the very beginning Myspace. This all uses the simplest HTML coding, I would like to build this skill. you can get many different types of langues for coding but the two I would really like to focus of in JavaScript and Python. There's a few really easy to understand websites like and some boring but good to know Youtube channels. This is where I learnt how to set up my raspberry pi computer. I don't know fully what I want to achieve from the coding I'm learning but I believe it is something everyone should learn in this modern age we live in.

So far I've learnt how to create alerts, titles, fonts sizes and buttons but the only place I can practice this is on a few websites but I haven't ventured outside of these little coding boxes yet. If someone has a easy, safe program I could download, please let me know.

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