Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Jan Švankmajer

Dimensions of Dialogue Part 1

Dimensions of Dialogue Part 2 and 3

Jan Švankmajer is an artist who well known for his surrealist animations. I first saw his work when my friend sent me his Alice film (though the whole film isn't on youtube) which I fell in love with straight away, it has many elements I love in the film, such as animal skulls, old fashioned toys and random events happening. But the videos above called "Dimensions Of Dialogue" are my favorite video's I've seen of his, they have a very political story behind each of them and they are very clever.

Jan Švankmajer has inspired many modern artist and film makers today, you could probably guess who they are. Such people as Tim Burton, Terry Gillian and another amazing artist's the Brothers Quay.

This "Punch and Judy" based stop motion, is quite funny but uncomfortable at some parts. I am in love with the murdering Punch as he steals the gold from the house, as if he feels guilty. I also love the church like feel as each puppet is put in the coffin.

I would really love to own Jan Švankmajer on dvd, every single one of his animations. Maybe one day!


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