Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Old photography.


I was looking through all my old photos and I found loads of images I took for my photography night classes, taken about two years ago. I actually think a lot of my old photography is good, I went to Bristol zoo and normally I hate going to zoos because the animals looks so sad but I came across these sleeping tigers and they looked so peaceful. I've loved my tiger photos for ages, in fact this photo is my background on my Mac.


I think this image only came out so good because the glass was dirty, I really like how retro it looks. You actually have to get apps on your phone to get effects like this now.

I also set up a little photo shoot with my sisters as the models, I dressed them up (as best I can) as punks and set up a little tea party. My littlest sister, Betsy loved dressing up and posing but Jetta wasn't to happy. I don't blame her I would hate to be a model too. I love little Betsy holding her tea pot up like a soldier.

I love this image of Betsy with the huge heels and looking so sweet with her crazy hair and probably my own knee length socks. The lighting in this shoot is beautiful and I love this angle. I need to start doing photography like this again, I think over the years I've lost the nack and need to get it back.


All images taken by me, Please ask to use them. My Flickr

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